Colorado: Winter Weather Auto Paint Protection

Auto Paint Protection

Colorado Winter Weather Has Arrived

Your Auto Investment Deserves Protection

For those of us long term residents of Colorado, we know exactly what winter weather road conditions can do to your auto’s paint. One trip into the mountains after freshly sanded roads have melted away can literally tear up your cars front grill and hood area alone. It’s not just mountain driving either, road elements today kick up debris that include pebbles, rocks, scrap, sand and salts. Roads on the front range, towns and cities are crowded today. With construction at all time highs, we see even more debris being left on the road as a result of landscaping, concrete and fill vehicles scurrying to job sites. Is there a remedy? Absolutely, but beware.

Don’t be misled by car washes that offer protection sealer, clear coat finish sealers and anything else along those lines. This is NOT what protects your auto’s paint from the elements. Those merely provide a shine or sheen to the finish. Your car really needs to protect beyond what an additive can supply. However, finish sealers are nice and can still be used after a clear protective film is in place on the car to protect the paint.

To get a truly effective protection remedy against the road debris  of winter, seek the life long anecdote found in paint protected overlay. If installed properly and by a certified craftsman, you won’t even know your car has it covering the vital front end areas. It makes all the difference in the world. Protect up!


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